Accepting foreign aid for the USA. We're in violent times where schools are not even safe, legislators are powerless to make education affordable, the wealth is controled by 2%, poverty still haunts generations of oppressed minorities and the right threatens religious rule.

So feel free to donate here and we'll help a country where 1 in 6 faces hunger but 2 in 6 is obese. Make America Great, Again but really this time.

Just think about Katrina and Puerto Rico...the US government is was unable to save citizens and restore utilities to its own citizens. So Great Britain, France...Germany give us aid and peace keepers!

How To Help?

Make America Great Again?

  • When Was America The Grestest?
  • When we killed the Indians and took their land?
  • When invaded Mexico over and over and took their land?
  • When we invaded Hawaii and took their land?
  • When we fought the civil war to figure out if black people were worth 3/5ths a white person as the constitution said.
  • In the late 1800s when Capitalism and Child Labor worked hand and hand?
  • World War I when we just stayed out of it till the very end because of 1 ship being attacked?
  • WWII When We Locked Up American Citizens In Camps?
  • Or WWII When we became the one and only country to vaporize a foreign city with an atom bomb? Twice...
  • The 60s When We Tried To Prevent Black People From Using The Same Water Fountains?
  • Was it the 80s when we vilified HIV positive people and ignored an epidemic?
  • Was it in 2000s when we invaded IRAQ because of 9/11?
  • Or is it now when we arrest children and seperate them from their parents and...lose them?
  • Make America Great Again! Ya Thats A Good Idea